Reasons for Somerset Mortgages
  1. We are fully independent international mortgage consultants.

  2. We provide free initial decisions in principle and mortgage quotes.

  3. Through us you have access to a wealth of international experience and an established network of reliable contacts in banks and other fields around the world.

  4. We save you the hassle and cost of overseas phone calls, language barriers, unfamiliar jargon and different customs and rules to obtain a loan for your property.

  5. At no cost, we can internally pre-qualify your application, thereby saving you any wasted inspection flights.

Somerset Mortgages - Your Overseas Mortgage Consultancy

Somerset Mortgages is an independent overseas mortgage consultancy. Based on years of experience, we provide you with all the facts allowing you to make informed decisions about how to structure your overseas property purchase. You will avoid the pitfalls encountered by so many overseas buyers.

Feel free to use the country specific information, but remember this is only a general guide. For accurate, personalised information, please spend a few minutes completing the obligation free Quick Application. Due to the volume of mortgages that Somerset Mortgages is able to offer banks, we can often negotiate better interest rates and lower charges for our clients. More about Somerset Mortgages

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Let an experienced mortgage consultant find the best deal for you. Simply take a few minutes to complete our online form and we will send you a no obligation quote.

Somerset Mortgages saved us the hassle and cost of overseas phone calls and language barriers.

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